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The presented collection includes more than 1600 Soviet political posters.

This is the biggest private accumulation of Soviet posters in the world available for public viewing. 

New acquisitions are placed at the beginning of the list. The collection is systematically updated, mostly with the posters from the early periods of the USSR.

Please note that that russian website version of the collection is more informative that the english one.

The historical framework of the collection is from February 1917 until December 1991.

Great attention has been given to the structure of this collection. One can view posters by catalogue number, by year, as well as by artists placed in alphabetic order. 

The posters are placed into groups and subgroups, which are divided by historical periods, series, artists, printing technique, places of production, themes and content. 

The website allows a selected search system, based on different criteria. .Furthermore the 'advanced search' function allows users to find posters matching various criteria. 

Sergo Grigorian has carefully constructed a collection of soviet political posters, deliberately disregarding other interesting themes such as cinema, circus, theatre, sports and advertising (except those with clear underlying political meaning).

In line with the political posters, Sergo Grigorian also collects a wide range of literature and photographic material related to the collection's theme.

In the description box one can find references to the printing sources, where a poster was published or mentioned.

The "explanations and abbreviations" section will help to understand the context of the presented posters.

It is imminent to accumulate duplicates while expanding the collection as well as posters which go beyond the scope of the collection's theme.

Such items are offered in sale or exchange section.  (Please follow the link for more details).

Sergo Grigorian would be happy to receive any suggestions as for acquiring new posters as well as any comments or suggestions as for the collection's description, suggestions about organising the exhibitions and possible publications etc.   



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